In this article, we will go over how to install the bars on your Portola and properly adjust your headset

Step 1- Remove the top cap

  • While the bike is resting on the kickstand
  • Remove the top cap with a 5mm allen wrench

    Step 2- Remove shipping spacers

  • You will need to remove the silver spacer as shown below
  • If your model has the black spacer shown please remove it also
  • Both can be thrown away and are not needed

    Step 3- Install the bars

  • Install the bars onto the fork as shown
  • make sure there are no twists on the cables and the levers face forward

    Step 4- Unlock bars

  • Push the silver button

  • While holding the silver button in fold the lock lever out

  • Then press the oval safet button and fold the bars down

    Note: Ensure the fork is centered in the frame as shown

Step 5- Top cap

  • Install the top cap you removed in Step 1 and tighten it to 5-7Nm to set the preload on the headset bearings.

    Note: This bolt does not keep the bars from turning independently of the front wheel. Over-tightening it will cause damage to the fork and is not covered under warranty.

Step 6- Positioning of bars

  • Flip the bars back up into place and lock in position by flipping the lever up. Make sure the Silver knob pops out

  • Once the bars are locked upright  straddle the bike as shown
  • Rotate the bars back and forth till they are in line with the front tire

  • Tighten the two opposing bolts alternatively as shown

     Step 7- Test

  • Test to make sure the bars are secure and your headset is set properly by holding the left brake and rocking the bars forward and backward as shown

  • If you feel any movement go back and repeat steps 4-7 paying close attention to making sure the fork is properly seated in the frame and there are no gaps.