The LMT'D V2, 700, Cafe Cruiser, Turris, and Rift models feature suspension forks to enhance the ride quality. They use forks with metal springs in the left leg and an oil bath in the right leg. The spring supports the rider, and the oil bath dampens the shock and allows for lockout capabilities. These adjustments described below are purely based on rider preference.  

Lock Out Knob

  • The Lockout knob is the knob that makes it so you can essentially turn the fork on and off so it will or will not move. 
  • If you turn the lock-out knob toward the lock icon or clockwise will make the fork more rigid. Turning the lockout knob counterclockwise will make the fork softer. 


  • The preload is the clear knob, this knob adjusts how firm the fork feels. 
  • Turning the knob clockwise makes the fork stiffer and turning the knob counterclockwise will make the fork softer.