For maintenance and storage reasons removing your battery is sometimes necessary. The steps below outline the process. If you have any questions please reach out to us at Ride1Up Support


Tools required

  •  T-25 Torx driver
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver

Getting started

Charge Plug removal

  • Once the controller has been removed
  • Use a #2 Phillips to remove the two screws that hold the Charge Plug in place
  • Gently pull the Charge Plug out of the frame

  • Unplug Charge Plug

  • Start pushing the wire back into the hole to form a loop in the controller area as shown below
  • Pull on the loop to pull the plug out into the battery area

Removing the battery

  • Remove the front wheel and set it to the side
  • Remove both T-25 Torx bolts shown below holding the battery in place

  • Hold the Display cable and Cadence sensor cable out of the way
  • Carefully pull on both battery cables to remove the battery
  • Go slow and do not force it!
  • Keep the flat section down towards the cables

  • Gently remove by hand


   If the battery does not move freely 

  • Insure both bolts have been removed from the frame as shown above
  • Make sure the is no debris or dirt in the frame
  • Gently play the display cable both ways to make sure it's free


  • Clean the inside of the frame if there is any dirt
  • Reverse the above steps paying close attention to the display cable to make sure it's not in the way
  • Secure both bolts in the battery to 3-5Nm
  • Make sure all the connections are all the way plugged in