A key part of keeping your bike maintained and safe to ride is adjusting the brakes properly. This includes proper brake pad adjustment, ensuring there is plenty of pad material left so the bike can be stopped in a short/ safe distance and the condition of the components are in working order. In this article, we will cover how to adjust your brake pads, caliper position, and adjust cable tension. So let's dive in!


Required Tool

  • 5mm allen wrench

Getting started

Start by making sure the pads are free from dirt or any contamination. Wiping the brake pads and rotor with alcohol will remove any light residue or dirt. If there are any bent sections or damage to the brake rotors or pads please correct it before proceeding.

Adjusting the Caliber

  1. First unthread the lock ring on both barrel adjusters by turning them counterclockwise, then turn both barrel adjusters clockwise all the way in to remove any gap as shown below.
  2. With a 5mm allen wrench loosen the two bolts shown below. Do not remove them, there just needs to be enough room for the caliber to move.
  3. Pull the brake lever so the caliber self-centers on the brake rotor.
  4. Lightly tighten the caliper mounting bolts while alternating back between then being careful to avoid moving the position of the caliber
  5. Torque the caliper mounting bolts to 6-8Nm
  6. Release the brake lever and check to make sure the gap is even between the pads, if not repeat the above steps till they are as shown below
  7. Turn either barrel adjuster counterclockwise to take up any slack in the cable
  8. Once the pad gap is even and there is no slack in the cable firmly pull the lever multiple times to make sure everything is seated and the cable is stretched
  9. If the lever comes close to touching the handlebars turn the barrel adjuster counterclockwise until it cannot touch while making sure the pads do not touch the rotor

Fine Tuning

Carefully adjusting the barrel adjusters can achieve a great lever feel. This can also be done by turning the pad adjuster with a 5mm allen wrench as shown below.

  • Be mindful not to close the gap between the pads and rotor too tight. After any changes are made with the pad adjuster the caliper may need to be recentered on the pads as outlined in steps 2-6 above
  • Repeat for both brake systems

When and How to Replace the Pads and Rotors

The brake pads should be replaced when there is less than 0.8mm of material left on them. The simplest way is to measure the pad and backing plate and they should be no less the 2.5mm in total as shown below.  The Gravel Edition Roadster uses Tektro E10.11 brake pads. Replacement pads can be purchased here. The article below covers how to replace both the pads and rotors.

Brake Pad and Rotor replacement


  • Why does the brake make a squeaking sound? See the video below:


  • Why do the brakes make a chirping or howling noise? Bed Brakes properly following the video below:

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions about your ebike please reach out to our Contact Us page we are glad to help!