There will come a time after enough miles where you will need to replace the bottom bracket on your LMT'D bicycle, which is the torque sensor responsible for reading power input and distributing that information to the controller. If you're a bike mech at heart, you may also find yourself removing this for routine maintenance and cleaning. It is imperative the below steps are followed, otherwise you may damage the wire leaving the body of the torque sensor during removal and/or reinstallation.

Tools Required:

Open lower battery compartment panel & disconnect torque sensor

There are 3 bolts that secure the lower battery compartment panel. Once these are removed, carefully set the battery plate aside. It is connected to the positive and negative power wires but you will have enough slack to move it aside. Once this panel is removed, you can look into the bottom bracket compartment and notice a black Julet connection - this is the torque sensor and it needs to be unplugged. The pigtail coming out of the torque sensor is a flat wire and is easily noticeable.

Remove crank arms and sprocket

Once the torque sensor is unplugged, you will need to remove the 8mm crank bolts from the drive and non-drive crank arms of the bike. This will expose threads inside the crank arms and you'll see the spindle of the bottom bracket. Insert the crank puller; thread by hand until it stops, and give a very slight turn with an adjustable wrench, but do not overtighten with the wrench. Engage the crank puller tool to remove each crank arm from the bike. If you need extra help with this, Park Tool created an informative video on how to do it (attention to square taper bottom brackets in the video).

Remove spider lock ring and chainring

Reverse the steps followed during assembly to remove the spider lock ring. Remember, this is reverse threaded meaning it loosens by turning clockwise and tightens by turning counterclockwise. 

Remove the drive-side cup, torque sensor, and non-drive side cup

First, remove the drive-side cup of the bottom bracket using your external cup bottom bracket tool. This is reverse threaded, so loosen by turning clockwise. Do NOT touch the non-drive side cup yet. Once the drive-side cup is removed, carefully pull the torque sensor out while taking care not to scrape or pinch the wire. Once the torque sensor is removed you can remove the non-drive side cup by turning it counterclockwise.

Clean bottom bracket shell and reinstall torque sensor

Clean out any dirt and old grease before reinstalling the torque sensor. Once this is done, regrease the BB shell threads and replace the non-drive side cup but tightening clockwise. Fish the torque sensor pigtail wire through the center hole and back into the bottom bracket compartment behind the lower battery panel while maneuvering the torque sensor back into place. Be sure to orient the torque sensor with the external splines facing the drive side. During torque sensor placement in the BB shell you will want to rotate it to find the best position that places the pigtail in the center of the hole. If it is too close to either edge of the hole you risk damaging the cable rending the torque sensor useless.

Reverse removal steps and complete reinstallation

Once the above steps are complete, reverse the removal steps and assembly guide/video. Don't forget to plug the torque sensor back in