The Velofox display unit on the CF1 racer has a variety of features and data screens that many riders find helpful. The following article goes over the display basics. The info listed here will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of riders. For those who wish to learn as much as possible about the display, the full user manual is linked at the bottom of the article. 

Display Layout

  • Power Button- Holding the power button for five seconds turns on the display unit. Holding it again will turn it off.

  • Plus Button- The plus button will increase the amount of pedal assist. This button is also used to scroll though the menus. By default, this button is located on the right side of the handlebars

  • Minus Button- The minus button will decrease the amount of pedal assist. This button is also used to scroll through the menus. In addition, holding this button will engage walk assist. This mode will provide a small amount of power to the rear wheel to carry the weight of the bike while walking. Releasing the minus button will stop the walk assist. By default, this button is located on the left side of the handlebars
  • The Main Screen- The main screen shows the current speed, PAS level, and battery level. The display also has a field that shows current motor output in watts, and trip distance. Tapping both handlebar buttons will cycle this field.

  • Other Screens- The display also has other screens that will show tiles full of data. To get to these, tap both the plus and minus buttons to cycle through to them. The example below shows two.

Settings Menu

The settings menu can be accessed by long pressing the + and - buttons on each side of the grips on the bike within 10 seconds of turning on the display. To cycle through the settings menu use the plus and minus keys to scroll and then tap both of them at the same time to select or save settings. 

  • Display Reset- This is often one of the first steps to take when troubleshooting, with the bike on press and hold the - and + buttons on the grips to access the settings. The display reset will be located on the second page of the display settings.

  • Unit Setting- The units can be changed here from KPH to MPH.

  • Set Time- This can be used to change the time on the display.

  • Maintenance- This setting can be adjusted so the bike sends the rider a reminder on the display when the miles or kilometers put in are reached for maintenance. 

  • Backlight- This setting can be used to adjust the backlight on the display.

  • Auto Sleep- Tiimer feature to shut off the bike automatically.

  • Display Info- This will show the firmware version currently in the display

  • Battery Info- Here the setting can be adjusted to change whether the display shows battery voltage or battery percentage.

  • Password- This is for added security of the bike. This setting can be changed to user preference. Once the password is created we can't reset it if the password is forgotten or lost, a replacement display will have to be purchased.

  • State of Charge Show (SOC)- Switching this setting to open and then exiting will allow the rider to see the percentage of the battery charge on the main screen. 

  • Trip Clearance- This can be used to clear the trip meter. Power on the bike. Press the + and - buttons to scroll to the screen with the tiles. Hold both buttons to pull up the reset screen (left image) scroll over using one of the keys and then tap both buttons to reset. This will clear trip data along with PAS usage screens.

  • Current Limit- This stock setting is different between the Road version and the Gravel version. Adjusting this setting will adjust all levels of pedal assistance. Keeping the current limit will use more battery power if it is kept in the higher amp setting.


Full Manual

The full display manual can be found at this link: