If the tail light wire is damaged upon delivery and assembly, or at any point during ownership it occurs, fear not - we've got you covered with the following how-to information. This procedure can be done with or without the fender installed on the bike. 

Tools Required

  • 8mm hex screwdriver (supplied with bike)
  • 4mm Allen wrench (supplied with bike - if removing fender)

Remove rear fender (optional - skip if desired)

The rear fender is held on by two support arms that share the safety tab bolts at the rear axle, and two bolts in the frame near the seat tube and bottom bracket. Removing the rear wheel is not necessary to remove the fender, but it will require mostly deflating the tire.

Disconnect Julet connector underneath bike

Disconnect the tail light wire's Julet connector underneath the bike at the triangle.

Remove Tail Light

Following the opposite steps completed during assembly, remove the tail light from the rear fender using the 8mm hex screwdriver that was supplied with the bike. Disconnect the plug from the rear of the light module.

Remove 2-pin connector

In order to fish the tail light wire through the fender, the plastic two pin connector head needs to be removed. This is done by straightening the two wires and carefully pulling the plastic head off with one hand while holding the thick part of the wire with another hand. Take note of the colors: the blue wire is inserted into the top hole, which is at the rounded end of the head. The black wire is the bottom hole, the straight edge of the head.

Pull wire out of fender

Pull the wire out from the end of the fender with the Julet connection.

Install new cable

Reverse the above steps when installing the new wire. Because of the diameter of the Julet connector, it must be pushed through from the Julet connector end.