This article covers two topics simultaneously, as the controller lives in the bottom bracket housing of the Rift. This bike is equipped with a standard bottom bracket (BSA, square taper) with an externally mounted cadence sensor. 


Controller Access

Step 1: Remove left (non-drive side) crank arm

Remove the left crank arm by first using an 8mm Allen wrench to remove the M8 crank bolt, and then a crank puller to pull the crank off the bottom bracket spindle. 

Step 2: Remove bottom bracket shell panel

Remove the 3 bolts securing the panel using a 2.5mm Allen wrench. The controller can now be removed/replaced. The large thread together cable is the motor cable, and can be disconnected when removing the rear wheel. The small, black Julet connector going to the rear of the bike is for the tail light. The small, black Julet connector going up into the down tube is for the front light. Use care when pulling this down, as too much force will disconnect it while the other connector is still inside the downtube which will cause difficulty during reinstallation. The remaining small black Julet connector is for the cadence sensor. The medium size black connector is the wiring harness that goes up to the display on the handlebars.

Step 2b: Remove cadence sensor (if changing controller, and for bottom bracket removal)

A small flathead screwdriver can be used to gently pry around the perimeter of the cadence sensor. 

Once there is enough clearance from the bottom bracket shell, the cadence sensor can be carefully pulled off of the BB spindle. Use care not to lose the O-ring from inside the cadence sensor.

Bottom Bracket Maintenance and Replacement

Step 1: Remove right (drive-side) crank arm

Using the above controller access steps, proceed to remove the right (drive-side) crank arm. Removal of the controller panel is not necessary for bottom bracket removal, however it was done during this documentation writing.

Step 2: Remove Bottom Bracket

Start on the left (non-drive) side bottom bracket cup. This is a standard, Right Hand thread that loosens by turning counterclockwise using a 20-spline/32mm bottom bracket removal tool. Remove the bottom bracket cup and set aside.

Move to the right (drive-side) side of the bike to finish removing the bottom bracket. The right side is a Left Hand thread meaning it loosens by turning clockwise. The right side cup is fixed to the bottom bracket itself, so it will completely remove at this step. 

The bottom bracket size is 100mm (BB shell length) x 159.5mm (spindle length). 

Next Steps

Whether performing preventative maintenance or replacing the bottom bracket, clean the threads of the bottom bracket shell and reapply bicycle grease. Use the above steps in reverse to reassemble the bicycle.