Every bike will always be shipped in its own individual box, and if they are in stock, they will likely ship on the same date. You will receive a tracking email to notify you of your bike's outgoing departure.  

 When you receive your tracking number, it will be a master tracking number and specify if it is a multi-piece shipment. This will also be the case if you ordered accessories in the same order that are also shipping separately. If you have two bikes in one order, and only one tracking number, check for a Multipiece Shipment Tab at the bottom of the page like the one pictured below:

When a multi-bike order is placed, and one bike is not in stock, you will receive a automatic confirmation email like the one below:

Notice that there are two orders, one of which is backordered. The backorder and estimate are circled in the example above.

In this case, your welcome email with supplementary information will signify that your model is out of stock as shown below:

*Please note -  By default, both bikes will ship together on the Expected Shipping Date.

If you would like to receive your bike that is in stock prior to the Expected Shipping Date, please contact us with your order number and request and we will split your order.