Will this bike fit me? 

When buying a bike, please check our size charts and recommended height range on our website on each of our bikes product page. You can often extend the recommended height range a little bit to be more comfortable for you. It is relatively easy to customize your ride characteristics, but the one thing you cannot easily change is the frame height, or stand-over height. So you want to check the measurements on the product page to make sure you are comfortable standing on top of the bike, and whether a full frame bike or step through is the right fit for you.

Fitting your bike to your size: What type of ride do you want?

No matter your height, if you want a relaxed upright ride, you can make it happen with a few key adjustments and maybe a couple quick component changes. 

Seat Height

Many inexperienced riders make the mistake of riding with their seat too low. This will keep you farther from your handlebars, less in control, and it will put a lot more of your weight on the seat which will not be comfortable in the long run. You want your knee to have only a slight bend as shown in the photo below when the crank is in the lowest position.

Most of our seat posts are 350mm long. If you are above 6' (depending on your inseam) you may find yourself wanting a longer seat post. This can be done quickly and for around $25. A 450mm seat post would be recommended for taller riders to find the perfect fit.

Handlebar Height

If you are taller or shorter, you may find yourself wanting to adjust the handlebar height. This is totally doable as well with some minor adjustments and possibly some extra parts. For Taller riders who want an upright ride, adding an adjustable height stem or a 45-60 degree stem with a 110mm extension can raise your stock handlebars a significant amount to get that perfect fit. The image below is a good reference (ignoring their low saddle position).