Error 30 indicates a communication issue between the display of your bike and the internal controller. Somehow, the two aren't communicating properly. The average chance of the issue is:

  • Internal Controller - 40% 
  • Display settings or display wire damage - 35%  
  • Motor or motor cable issue - 20%  
  • PAS sensor issue, throttle issue, or associated wire damage - 5%
    - If an issue persists, disconnect each component separately to isolate testing. 

Display Reset

First, try resetting your display to default. This is done from the main screen by holding the power button (M) and top (+) buttons on your display at the same time. Select reset to default 'yes' and hold the middle button to save that setting. These steps can be reviewed in our display tutorials:

If you have access to another bike with the same voltage, please review these advanced troubleshooting steps. They often expedite the resolution: Advanced Ebike Troubleshooting.

If The Issue Persists

Begin with the following questions. Does the error happen:

  1. Immediately when you turn the bike on?
  2. If you lean the bike on the kickstand and test the throttle?
  3. Does it always happen when you _____________ (Use throttle, use pedal-assist, go for your usual ride).
  4. Is it an 'intermittent' issue, i.e., sometimes not happening at all during your ride?

If reaching out to customer support, please share clear pictures so we can help you effectively:

  1. Following the guides for your respective model below to inspect external wires and connections (Section B). 
  2. If you are methodical in your inspection, you will likely resolve this issue faster. When practical, follow the wire exiting the display to the controller, checking for any signs of damage.

After you have reset your display, checked external connections, and taken pictures, and the issue remains unresolved, please reach out to our support team so we can assist you.

Error 30 Video Walk-through