If your battery is not fully seated, popping up, or has come unlatched while riding, this article will help you resolve this issue. 

Step 1: Visually inspect the battery housing

Check to see if each bracket of the battery housing is flush with the frame and properly aligned with the others.

Step 2: Tighten screws

Use the correct size screwdriver (improper size may strip the screw) to make sure the screws are not loose. Please carefully tighten them until it is snug. 

Note: Do not force screws upon reinstallation, if not aligned a cable/wire may be damaged by forcing it in.

Step 3: Grease latch mechanism

Oil works better and lasts longer than WD40 (as shown below)

Step 4: Grease silver spring-loaded pins

Add a little oil or a little WD-40 to these 2 pins located on the right (circled in red below) and then push them in and out multiple times to work the oil in.

Step 5: Remove one of the spring-loaded pins 

If necessary, both can be removed. Using channel locks or pliers, it should slide right out. Removing one of the spring-loaded pins will lower the upward force on the battery. Occasionally the springs are too stiff and push up on the battery

Step 6: Ensure the terminal nuts are secure

It is not commonly the cause, but you can also verify that these thin nuts (circled in blue below) are snug and not loose.

This should resolve the issue in most cases. If it does not, please check the right side of the middle battery compartment panel. If it is not well aligned (Picture 2 below shows the middle and upper battery compartment panels and how they should fit together), then a brake cable, shifter cable, or wire may be in the way under the panel, causing the issue. 

These cables and wires should run on the right side of the down tube. You should be able to make most adjustments needed by only removing the upper battery panel.

Battery compartment panels

  1. Upper battery compartment panel (with locking mechanism, 5 screws holding it in place)
  2. Middle battery compartment panel (the long piece the battery rests on, some models/generations, this will be part of the aluminum frame)
  3. Lower battery compartment panel ( 3 screws holding it in place)