Losing or misplacing your bike keys can be a frustrating experience, Ride1Up provides a straightforward process for getting replacement keys.

Replacement Keys:

Replacement keys for all Ride1Up models can be easily obtained through the Ride1Up website. 

Here's a simple guide on how to order replacement keys:

  1. Visit the Ride1Up website here RIde1Up Keys
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select your specific model type.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the key replacement order.

Key Copying:

If you still have one key, an alternative and cost-effective solution is to get a copy made at your local hardware store or locksmith. We recommend you call ahead or visit in person to confirm that they offer key copying services and have the appropriate key blanks.

Note for Replacement Key Orders:

When placing a replacement key order, it's important to provide the correct information for accurate key cutting. Follow these guidelines:

  • Lock Cylinder Number:

    • All Ride1Up models (except the Prodigy Prodigy) have a 3-digit lock cylinder number.

    • Prodigy has a 4-digit number in the same location as the other models.

  • Insert the Lock Cylinder Number at Checkout:

    • When placing the key order, insert the lock cylinder number next to your name at checkout on the shipping address side.

    • For example: John Doe (#456).

    • The number is on the lock is read from left to right, with a number above the slot. The photo below shows where to find this. 

Delivery Time:

Please be aware that the replacement key order is processed overseas by the battery supplier. Since the keys are cut to order, this process results in an estimated delivery time of 3-5 weeks.