Revv 1

  • Turn on the bike and display using the power button on the battery and then the power button on the left side display remote, the outside halo of the headlight will now be illuminated as a running light.
  • To turn on the headlight press the power button on the left side of the display again.
  • To turn on the high beam use the switch on the right side remote.

All Other Models

For all models equipped with lights, turn on your bike and then to turn the lights on or off, hold the (+) button for 3 seconds.

If 1 or both of the lights are not turning on, there a few common reasons for this:

  • 40% - wiring is not connected properly
    • Connection at light may be reversed (only if it has quick disconnects)
    • Connection or wiring at internal controller may be loose or damaged
    • Wiring may be cut or damaged.
  • 40% - internal controller needs replacement.
  • 20% - light needs replacement.

To determine the cause, we can take the following steps beginning with the easiest and most common first:

  1. If you have a bike with a headlight and taillight and both are not working. Please let us know as this is commonly resolved by replacing the internal controller if there is no damage to the wiring.
  2. For quick disconnect at lights (varies by generation, some headlights are wired permanently), the negative and positive wire may need swapped. 
  3. If you have 2 ebikes, you can swap lights and in some cases you can swap the internal controller to be more confident in which component is causing the issue.
  4. Visually inspect the connection at the light, external wire, and wire routing for damage or tension. Share pictures of these with Support team.
  5. If no signs of damage, check the connection at the internal controller. Disconnect, inspect both sides and reconnect. If your bike only has 1 light, you can swap the connection to the identical connector at the controller.

If you recently installed a new internal controller, there is a chance the lights are connected to the wrong wire of the internal controller. You can verify with the labelled controllers on these pages for each model: 500 Series - 700 Series

In a rare case, if that does not resolve it, please contact us with pictures noted above. Let us know what you tried so far and any related information. We will work with you to make sure they are working!