We are so glad you have found us! Our business relies on you to take advantage of the best possible quality eBikes for the lowest possible price. 

Looking for an unbeatable deal? Find our heavily discounted Open Box - Returns inventory via our blog post here!

How are we able to perform this feat you may ask? We are able to manage this and beat our competitors, while providing a superior service and product, by reducing our overhead costs and streamlining our fulfillment process as much as humanly possible. 

We do not have showrooms or service centers and prefer to funnel those resources into your community with the help of your local bike shops and mechanics. Our goal is to stimulate local economies and provide the tools to increase the opportunities for electric micro-mobility in your own community - from the rubber to the road, to home and back again!

All in all, we are a direct-to-consumer business that sells eBikes at wholesale value, so there is not a lot of flexibility on the price and it is rare to find us discounting our bikes. That said, based on our business model, you are essentially receiving discounts on every model, every day of the year! 

However, we do have one annual blowout sale on Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday. It is at this point that we discount our models even more aggressively than usual, ranging from a slight discount on our most popular models, to even more savings on the models less likely to fly off the shelves.

Finally, we have made a lasting commitment to our riders, community and future eBike eco-warriors. Kevin, our personal eBike Guru, owner and creator of Ride1UP has made a commitment to a greener future by providing a Pledge Discount on every model that we have. This means you can take the Pledge To Reduce Emissions and save $40 on any single bike order. Thanks for helping create a brighter and greener future with less cars and more electric adventures for us all!