Promotions Page

  • All actively discounted ebike models will be available at any point via our sales and promotions page.

Open Box Ebikes

  • We receive returns that have not been opened or assembled and sell at a discount. This is a great option for those not worried about minor cosmetic blemishes.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • During these end-of-year sales, we discount our models even more aggressively and is a great opportunity to save up to hundreds on select models

Eco Pledge

  1. We have an active "Pledge Discount" on every model that we have. This means you can take the Pledge To Reduce Emissions and save $40 on any single bike order

In Summary

All in all, we are a direct-to-consumer business that sells ebikes at wholesale value, so there is not always flexibility on the price and it is rare to find us discounting our bikes aggressively. However, compared to our competitors, you are receiving better value on every Ride1Up model, every day of the year!