If your kickstand is no longer tightening or firmly supporting your ebike, it is most likely that the small nut that seats the bolt is now loose in the end of the stand. This nut tightens the adjustable portion of your kickstand. If you hear rattling, then this nut has come off inside the kickstand and is now loose. The indication would be that your kickstand bolt will turn without tightening. This is easy to resolve at home and does not require waiting for a replacement part.

Step 1: Remove bolt

Step 2: Slide the adjustable portion off

Step 3: Locate the elliptical metal insert with threaded hole shown above and orient as shown below.

Step 4: Carefully slide in the elliptical metal piece to match up with the kickstand insert

Step 5: Reseat the washer and bolt in the kickstand insert

Step 6: Slide the adjustable portion back on and tighten the bolt

The seated nut will now work as an anchor for the adjustable portion again when you tighten the bolt. Please contact support if you require assistance