If your e-bike's kickstand is loose and does not provide firm support, the problem is probably due to a loose nut inside the kickstand. This nut is responsible for tightening the lower adjustable part of the kickstand. If you hear rattling, it means the nut has come off and is now loose inside the kickstand. As a result, the kickstand bolt will turn without actually tightening. Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue at home without needing to wait for a replacement part.

Pro tip: Removing the kickstand from the bike makes performing the kickstand repair outlined below easier.

Step 1: Remove the adjuster bolt

Step 2: Slide the adjustable portion off the kickstand

Step 3: Locate the elliptical metal insert with the threaded hole shown above and orient as shown below.

Step 4: Carefully slide in the elliptical metal piece to match up with the kickstand insert

Step 5: Reseat the washer and bolt in the kickstand insert

Step 6: Slide the adjustable portion back on and tighten the bolt

When you tighten the bolt, the seated nut becomes an anchor for the adjustable portion.

Bikes originally equipped with a kickstand should be compatible with any rear mount kickstand that has 40mm spacing between the bolts. The stock mounting bolt size for the kickstand is M6x25mm, while the adjuster screw size is M5x10mm.

Here is a link to a recommended replacement kickstand that is compatible with all Ride1Up bikes originally equipped with a kickstand: 

Amazon - Bike Kickstand Adjustable Strong Rear Mount

When removing or replacing the kickstand, be mindful of the position and orientation of the motor cable as it passes by the kickstand. 

When reassembling the kickstand to the bike, make sure to keep the motor cable in the same position it was in before removing the kickstand.