Primary causes

Error 25 has a few causes that are outlined below. 

If you are out on a ride, please try the quick fix below. and troubleshoot further at home.  

  • Holding either brake lever while the bike is powering up.
  • A damaged brake lever
  • A brake lever needs service or does not return to the resting position
  • The sensor needs adjusting.
  • The sensor needs replacing. 

Quick fix (700 Series, Turris, Rift, Revv 1, and Cafe Cruiser)

First, make sure the brake lever is returned to the neutral position and power the bike off and on. 

If the issue persists, you can disconnect the sensor wire that is causing the error code and finish your ride. You can keep the other one connected, which will still cut power to the motor when that specific brake lever is pulled.

The sensor wires connect just inside the rubber grommets (as shown below) on the left side of your bike (The early generation 700 Series have one on the left and the right). Please trace the wire from the brake, when you disconnect it, the end of the wire should be; whenred. If it is another color, you have disconnected a different component. You may need to cycle the display off/on between disconnecting.

Determine which brake is causing the error.

  • If the issue persists, we will want to first identify which sensor is causing the issue. Carefully disconnect each sensor 1 at a time and see if the error persists.
  • If only one brake is causing the error, you can test this by turning on the bike and leaving the error-causing brake disconnected. 

Adjust the sensor

Then carefully adjust the screw for the brake that is working correctly a couple of turns and see if the error appears on the screen. Then adjust it back to its original position and see if the error is corrected with the bike on, or if it has to be cycled on and off to clear the error.

The picture above has each adjustment screw labeled. 

  1. The screw labeled 1 is the set screw and holds the screw labeled 2 in place to avoid it moving over time. It is rather small; you might be able to just loosen it; if you remove it, please do not lose it.
  2. Screw 2 adjusts the position of the sensor - At this time, you would not want to remove it completely, if you do, be careful as there is a small spring inside.,
  3. Screw 3 adjusts the position of the lever, which also plays a role. I think it is best to mirror the other side for now.

Compare the left and the right, and see if the lever screw, as well as the sensor screw, are all at similar depths.

  1. Loosen the set screw so you can adjust the sensor screw in and out as needed.
  2. Please reconnect your right-side brake sensor. See if the error is still present. 
  3. If it is, please turn off the bike and adjust the sensor screw inward 2 clockwise turns. Then turn on the bike and see if the error is present.
  4. If it is still present, turn off the bike; please adjust the screw 2 clockwise turns. Then turn on the bike and see if it is still present.
  5. If that does not resolve it, please turn it 4 counterclockwise turns. Then begin the process in reverse. turn it 2 counterclockwise turns and turn on the bike to see if the error is gone.
  6. If it is still present, please turn the bike off. Turn it 2 counterclockwise turns and then turn the bike on to test it.