The 700 Series, Cafe Cruiser, Turris, Portola, Rift, And Revv 1 all have brake cut-off sensors on the brake levers. When the brakes are pressed this activates the sensors that cut power to the motor. On all models, when disconnected the connector color will be red except for the Portola, on this model the brake sensor connector is yellowIn this article, we will go over how to troubleshoot the error 25 code and adjusting the brake sensor. If you are out on a ride and get stuck, try the quick fix below. 

Error 25 has a few causes that are outlined below. 

  • Holding either brake lever while the bike is powering up.
  • A damaged brake lever
  • A brake lever that needs service or does not return to the resting position
  • The brake sensor needs adjusting.
  • The brake sensor needs replacing. 


Quick fix (700 Series, Cafe Cruiser, Turris, Portola, Rift, And Revv 1) 

  1. First, let's make sure the brake lever is returned to the neutral position (all the way forward) and power the bike off and on. Pull back the brake lever and let it spring forward a few times. (Do not ease the lever forward. let it go as fast and hard as it will on its own)
  2. Identify which sensor is causing the error, undo the spiral cable wrapping, and trace the brake sensor wire from the brake lever to the sensor connector. 
  3. Disconnect both brake sensors at the connector.
  4. Replug one side back in at a time to see which side brake sensor is causing the error code. 
  5. If both are causing the error, they can be left disconnected to keep riding until adjustment can be done below or replacement can be done.

If it is only one side of the brake lever causing the motor to cut off, disconnect the electrical connections to remove the error for that affected side.

On the 700 series and Cafe Cruiser the brake sensor wires connect just inside the rubber grommets (as shown below) on the left side of the bike (The early generation 700 Series has one on the left and the right). 

700 Series and Cafe Cruiser




Revv 1

Adjusting the sensor

The picture above has each screw labeled. 

  1. The screw labeled 1 is the set screw and holds the screw labeled 2 in place to prevent it from backing out over time. It is rather small, if removed do not lose it.
  2. Screw 2 adjusts the position of the sensor - if this is removed be careful as there is a small spring inside that can become lost.
  3. Screw 3 adjusts the position of the lever, which also plays a role. It is best to mirror the other side for now.

Compare the left and the right side brake levers, and see if the lever screw was adjusted differently as well as the sensor screw. 

  1. Loosen the set screw labeled 1 so you can adjust the sensor screw labeled 2 in and out as needed.
  2. Reconnect your right-side brake sensor. See if the error is still present. 
  3. If it is, turn off the bike and adjust the sensor screw labeled 3, 2 clockwise turns. Then turn on the bike and see if the error is present.
  4.  If it is still present, please turn the bike off. Turn it the labeled screw 3, 2 counterclockwise turns, and then turn the bike on to test it. This will continue to have to be adjusted to get rid of the error 25. 
  5. If the Error 25 does not go away after adjusting the sensors, please reach out to customer support via contact us