Holding either brake lever when the MODE  or POWER button is pressed to power up the bike will result in Error 25. To check, turn off the bike, make sure both brake levers are in the proper position and then turn the bike on without squeezing either lever. If the trouble code still shows, please review below. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please share pictures and details here: https://ride1up.com/contact/

Other possible causes are:

  • Damage to brake lever
  • Damage to wire or connection at internal controller
  • Brake lever not springing back into proper position

If you are unable to resolve the issue, a replacement sensor or brake lever may be needed. While troubleshooting this and determining the cause, you can disconnect these wires from the internal controller so that you can continue to use it. This can also be helpful in determining which brake lever or sensor is causing the issue if it is not clear from a visual inspection for damage. With the brake sensor wires disconnected, please be mindful you are not pedaling while braking, but that is not something that is recommended at any time. If you pedal backwards, or release the throttle, power is cut to the motor as well.

Here is an example of 2 damaged levers, the lever on the left is not properly returning to position when not in use. The one on the right has a severed wire. Sometimes the damage is not this obvious, so we want to be thorough when inspecting the wire and connection. 

You can see below, this is the type of sensor located inside of the brake levers for these models. When the brakes are not being used, the button is pressed in, and there are no errors. When the brake lever is squeezed, the button raises out and this sends a signal to cut power to the motor.

To install a new brake lever (identical to the original), if the sensor on the bike is good. Simply remove these 2 screws shown below. To install the sensor that is currently wired in.

If a new sensor is needed or new brakes were purchased, the new sensor wire will need routed through the brake frame.