While we stand by our ebikes with 100% confidence, we would be naive to believe there's never going to be manufacturing defects in parts our bikes are equipped with. While these numbers are low, it's important to understand that protecting your investment against manufacturing defects can be an integral part of buying an ebike. Because purchasing an extended warranty always feel like a gamble, and you never know if a defective part is going to keep you from riding, here are a few things to note about our warranty coverage:

  • Because bicycles have many wear and tear items that are not covered under warranty, it's important to note that the expensive components ARE covered: batteries ($220-$495), motors ($160-$195), controllers ($40-$100), displays ($55-$85), and lights ($30-$50).
  • The cost of warrantied parts are covered 100% - you don't even pay for shipping

You can purchase an extended warranty here

  • One year of warranty coverage comes included with your ebike purchase at no extra cost
  • Two years of warranty coverage extends your included warranty by an additional year and is ~17% of the bike's cost
  • Three years of warranty coverage extends your included warranty by an additional two years and  is ~29% of the bike's cost

Extended warranties can be purchased within 30 days of your bike's delivery

  • Extended warranty pricing is based on a percentage of the bike cost. 
  • The extended warranty option is available during the checkout process after entering your shipping details, but before entering your card information (pictured below):

If you forgot to extend your warranty during checkout, Contact Us within 30 days of delivery and our support staff will assist you in adding this protection.

Warranty extension covers all defect related items and normal warranty terms apply for the extended period. It does not cover labor and provides only an extension to the terms already applied with your standard coverage - learn more about your warranty here: Warranty Info