This article outlines how to replace the lock cylinder on your 700 series. 

Step 1: Remove the upper battery panel from the bike

  • You will need to remove the battery to access the upper battery panel. If you cannot use the key to remove the battery. It can be removed by removing the 4 T25 bolts on the down tube of the bike.
  • With the battery and the mounting bolts removed, you can now remove the upper battery panel

Step 2: Remove the old lock cylinder

  • Flip the panel over and loosen the Lock Cylinder Set Screw. You do not need to remove the set screw, just loosen enough to be able to side out the old cylinder.

Step 3: Install the new lock cylinder 

  • Be very careful with the lock cylinder while the pins are exposed so they don't fall out of the cylinder.
  • Before installing the new cylinder make sure the orange locking pin is fully installed You may need to apply some pressure to the orange pin while installing the cylinder.
  • With the key in the locked position, and the pin on the cylinder facing up. Insert the new cylinder into the housing.
  • Tighten the set screw on the back of the panel.
  • Test the functionality. Make sure that the orange pin retracts when the key is turned to the unlock position.
  • Reinstall the panel into the bike using the T25 mounting bolts.
  • Make sure the mount is positioned correctly and that no wires are pinched. Test the functionality with the battery and key.