As a rider, it may be necessary to access the internal controller of the bike. This silver box typically in the frame holds some base level programming for the bike, connects all the electronic parts together, and is vital for the bike's functionality. 

In this article we will go over where to locate the controller, how to access it, and show the different wiring configurations. Since the XR and ST have the controller in the same place, these instructions are applicable for both models. 

Accessing the controller: Video tutorial

Step 1: Locate Your Controller

On both frame types of the 700 the controller is located under the lower battery panel in the frame. To gain access to this one will first need to remove the battery. 

Step 2: Remove the Battery Panel

Once you know where to find the controller the battery panel will need to be removed to gain access to the controller. This can be done by removing the two Torx 25 fasteners on the bottom of the bike. Once the torx are removed, the panel will lift straight out of the frame. There is a power cable attached to the backside so removing it slowly is advised. 

Step 3: Working on Controller 

Once the panel is removed the controller will be directly behind it. The controller can slide out as there is nothing retaining it beyond the panel. There are two generation motors used on the 700 and they each use their own specific controller. The photos below go over how to identify which one is which . While they may vary slightly the following tips are true for all controllers: 

  • Each connector is unique for each part. For example a display unit cannot be plugged into where the motor cable would go.
  • When there are two of one component on the bike the plugs do not matter. For example lights, a headlight or taillight could be plugged into either of the controllers ports for a light, and it would work fine. 
  • Pay attention to how the controller was originally sitting in the bike. The cables come out one end of the controller and for ease of reassembly, it is often best to put it back in the same configuration. 
  • When changing out a whole controller it is best to move the connections over one at at time till done. 
  • Mark the new controller with tape or marker before starting. That way there are mix-ups during the switch. 

Once you have determined what generation hub/ controller you have, the following photos can help decipher what wire goes to what component. 

Wiring reference

To reassemble follow the provided steps in reverse. Please contact support if you have questions.