Rear Rack Installation Steps and Walkthrough

Find the PDF manual instructions here: Revv 1 Rear Rack Installation

  • Disconnect the rear light Higo electrical wiring quick-connect 
  • Remove the zip tie securing the rear light wiring to the frame
  • Note: the rear light is installed via a bracket which is bolted to the frame
  • Remove the bracket by unscrewing the rear light bracket bolts installed underneath the saddle
    - during this step, keep the rear light connected to the bracket
    - keep the bracket hardware if planning to remove the rack
  • Notice the saddle tube cap behind the bracket
    - this must be removed before installing the rack
  • Slide or pry the saddle tube cap out of the saddle tube

  • From there, slide the rear rack into the saddle tube with the flat edge of the rack facing upwards.

  • With a 4mm hex wrench, install the rear rack to the frame using the 3 bolts included with your accessory shipment.
    - these will be installed into the 3 inserts along the underside of the saddle tube
    - it may take some adjustment to line up the inserts correctly

  • Now, remove the rear light from the light bracket, keeping the two sets of nuts, bolts, and washers

  • Install the rear light to the two rack mounting points using the two sets of nuts, bolts, and washers

  • With the Higo extension wiring included with your rack accessory, connect the rear light plug to the quick-connect coming from the frame
    - Ensure the arrows on the quick-connects are lined up to avoid damaging the sensitive metal pins

  • Finally, zip-tie any loose wiring to avoid catching or pulling while operating your Revv 1

  • Enjoy riding!

Note: Ensure the rack is inserted as shown in reference 1. The handle insert should be clear and visible as shown in reference 2. 

Reference 1

Reference 2