In this article, we will go over the proper installation of your tensioner and chain. 

Step 1- Installing the Tensioner

  • Install the chain tensor in the position below
  • Tighten the 6mm bolt to secure it in place

Step 2- Tensioning the tensioner

  • Turn the chain tensioner counter-clockwise as shown below

    Step 3- Install Chain

  • While holding the tensioner in place install the chain from the front and over the top of the freewheel
  • Thread the chain down through the two gears as shown below

    Step 4- Hook up the chain

  • Hook up the chain. This video covers how to do it
  • Make sure the chain is routed over the chain stay
  • Do not go around the chainring at this time

    Step 5- Reposition the Tensioner

  • Now that the chain has been linked up we can move the tensioner into the proper position
  • Loosen the 6mm bolt and rotate the tensioner as shown

  • Once in the proper place tighten the 6mm bolt
  • Ensuring the chain stays on the freewheel and two gears you can wrap the chain around the front chain wheel
  • You might need to pull down as shown below to get some slack in the chain

Step 6- Checkover

  • Check to make sure the chain is routed smoothly over all 4 gears
  • Spin the pedals backward by hand and make sure the chain does not jump or come off