This article is a supplement to All About Your Belt, the main resource for all belt-related topics. This article explains how to adjust the belt on the Roadster Gravel Edition with the single bolt tensioner shown below. If you have a different version please refer to the links below. As with all ebikes, pay special attention when working around the rear wheel not to damage the motor cable exiting the hub. Damage done to this cable by the rider is not covered under warranty.

Roadster V2 Belt Adjustment

Gravel Edition Two bolt Dropout Adjustment


Tools Required

  • 4mm allen wrench
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • 18mm wrench

Getting started

  1. Slide the dust cover up the motor cable
  2. Carefully loosen the 18mm axle nuts on either side of the rear wheel. Be careful not to damage the motor cable when doing this.
  3. Remove the nuts far enough that the torque spacers/washer and their tab can slide away from the frame.
  4. Adjust the 4mm tensioner bolts evenly on both sides to adjust the belt tension as described in All About Your Belt
  5. Tighten the Axle nuts to 60Nm when done.

Removing the Wheel

  1. Follow the steps 1-3 above to loosen the wheel up.
  2. Adjust the tensioners all the way out so the wheel can slide free.
  3. Disconnect the motor cable and cut only the zip tie(s) nearest the motor. 
    • Note: the zip ties in front of the plug should stay on. Verify they are preventing the cable from touching the crank wheel and the tire of the bike.
  4. Remove the two caliper mounting bolts with a 5mm allen wrench.
  5. Remove the brake caliper and let it rest to the side, wrapping it in a towel will prevent paint damage.
  6. Now the belt can be lifted off the rear wheel cog and set on top of the belt on the frame above the rear wheel. 
  7. Remove the rear wheel by sliding it backward out of the dropouts. The axle has two flat sides on it. Important: note the orientation of these flats for easy reinstallation.
  8. Tighten the Axle nuts to 60Nm when done.

  • The video below shows the process as well:

Reinstalling the Wheel

Repeat the steps above in reverse order. The brake caliper will need to be adjusted along with the belt tension. The articles linked below detail the processes. Tighten the Axle nuts to 60Nm when done.

Gravel Roadster V2: Brake Adjustment and Pad Replacement

All About Your Belt

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