Use the following information to reassemble the rear wheel onto the Revv 1 DRT. Note the orientation of parts, as they differ from the HT and FS models. If rear wheel removal has not yet be completed, refer back to Revv 1: Rear Wheel Removal

Parts and Spec Info

  • Axle Nuts: M14-1.5
  • Axle Washers: thickness 1.6mm, ID 13.6mm OD 23.45mm
  • Kickstand: 40mm direct mount
    • Bolts: M6-1.0 x 23.75mm (17.75mm of threads). Torque to 14nm, Loctite required when removed and reinstalled
  • Freewheel (proprietary): 14T, uses freewheel removal tool (Park Tool FR1.3)

Step 1: Axle parts orientation

Step 2: Motor Cable Routing

The motor cable exits to the rear of the bike and gets routed on the outside of the kickstand and behind the passenger foot peg mount. Important: the motor cable needs to be taught after it rounds the passenger foot peg mount and gets secured to the first braze-on past the braze-on used for the hydraulic brake hose, otherwise it can be damaged by the brake rotor.

Return to Step 5b of the Revv 1: Rear Wheel Removal solution to continue.