We get asked this a lot! As our mission is to provide affordable eBikes and alternative options for transportation to your automobile, we do not have a surplus of recommendations on driving your vehicle with our bikes attached.

Our focus is not on how to transport your eBike with a car, but on how to practically implement riding your eBike as an alternative to driving!

With that in consideration, we understand that traveling with your bikes can sometimes be a necessity. Whether you are driving across the country, or just to the shop to fix a flat, there are a few important qualities that a dependable bike rack needs. When you factor these in, finding a good rack is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Supported from the Wheelbase

  • This is very important, especially with heavy eBikes.

Example below:

2. Mounted to the Hitch

  • Hitch racks are the only type that can support the increased weight of eBikes. If you have two eBikes, you may need up to 140 lbs weight rating!

Example below:

3. No Lifting Required

  • eBikes are heavy! Most quality hitch racks come with a loading ramp to reduce risk of unwanted damage from drops or impacts, heavy lifting and awkward movements.

Example below:

Some examples of platform, hitch mount bike racks are:

The Thule EZ Fold Rack, The 1UP-USA Super Duty Rack 

If you are still thirsting for knowledge on transporting your bike, feast your eyes on Say Insurance's insights below:

The Best Ways to Transport Your Bikes Safely

Current Ride1UP owners often make recommendations for car racks in the Facebook RIDE1UP eBike Owners group. They often share the latest and greatest on pricing, features, and what is in stock. Thanks for reading!