Every bike and accessory will be shipped in their own individual box. The only exception to this is if a phone mount is in the same order as the bike, the fulfillment team will put the phone mount in the bike box.


Tracking For Multiple Item Orders (non-LTL bikes)

In stock items typically ship either same or next business day, depending on what time the order is placed. If a delay is observed between items, please wait 24 business day hours prior to contacting support; it is likely that the next item will ship the following business day. Tracking details will be sent to the email on the order once the bike ships - this is because the bike is the "master item" which causes the order to be marked complete, which then triggers the automated tracking email.

On multi-piece shipments, the tracking number that is sent to our customers can be a "master tracking number". That number will specify that it is a multipiece shipment and will have info about each individual package in the shipment. Check the FedEx tracking page for a multi-piece shipment tab like the one pictured below. There are cases where two separate tracking numbers are not linked, therefore a master tracking number is not available. 

Tracking For Multiple Item Orders (LTL bikes)

In stock items take 2-3 business days to process and ship, and our fulfillment center will arrange all items on the same pallet to be delivered together under 1 tracking number.

For bikes that ship via LTL (less-than-truckload), the bike and any accessories will be palletized and assigned 1 master tracking number that we send to our customers. This information will be reflected on the carrier's website under the tracking number. We currently use two LTL carriers: CEVA Logistics and Alliance Logistics. Below are two examples of how tracking details will show item count:



Orders Containing Out of Stock Items

The order email will signify that an item is out of stock as shown below:

When a multi-item order is placed, an automated confirmation email will be sent to the email on the order. The confirmation email will show which item is back-ordered along with its expected shipping date. Please take care to note this; no one likes surprises, and Ride1Up makes a great effort to communicate this effectively.

By default, once in stock, both items will ship together on the Expected Shipping Date.

In stock items can be shipped prior to waiting for an out of stock item to be shipped. Contact Support to have this arranged.