We process our orders as fast as possible through our warehouse automations. In many cases, we cannot modify or change orders once orders are placed. Please make your selections carefully and reach out to our team for guidance to ensure you are choosing the right item before placing your order. 

Prior to processing: Cancellations/refunds before processing will be subject to a 3% payment processing charge which goes to the payment processor (this is a charge that we do not get back). This is typically only in a pre-order scenario. 

After processing: If a bike is cancelled during or after it is processing for shipment, or returned to sender upon delivery at the correct address, it will be subject to a $250 fee. 

After shipping: VERIFY SHIPPING ADDRESS and delivery date. If the carrier is unable to deliver the product to the address you provided or you cannot organize proper receipt to the address provided, you will be charged up to a $250 fee to resend or return and restock the item in our inventory. Ride1up will deduct this fee from any potential return.

Proceeding with a Cancellation: What to do?

If you would like to proceed with cancellation, please submit a support ticket, include your order number, and acknowledge our 3% payment processing charge in your ticket submission. This will allow us to process your cancellation without any delay and reduce the risk of any unwanted fees. Cancellations are not confirmed until you receive a response from our support team.