Voltage Sag

On all models, your battery level may drop under heavy load (high throttle/PAS) and recover after 'resting'. This is not a cause for concern. It primarily occurs if using a lot of power (high PAS, riding uphill, riding into the wind). Given some time and less demand for power, it will level out. To get the most accurate report, power cycle your ebike (turn your display on and off) or check the LED indicator on the battery itself.

Core-5, Turris, 500 Series, and Cafe Cruiser Displays

The battery readouts in the display are based on a 5-bar system. You can set the voltage for each bar so that when the bike is at or above that voltage, it will show the desired amount of bars. This video shows how to adjust these numbers.


700 Series, Rift and LMT'D Displays

This section of the display video will explain what to do if you are not receiving accurate battery readouts from your display. One of the most helpful tools is to change your readout from 'Percent' to 'Voltage', as this will provide an exact number of the battery's charge. It will still be subject to some 'voltage sag'.

We recommend these numbers above because they will more accurately reference your battery voltage as a percentage. Essentially, your battery can have a peak voltage of just under 52Vs and a minimum usable voltage of around 41.5V.

Battery Voltage Chart

The battery readout is adjustable whether you are using a percentage readout or voltage readout. It must remain in 48V mode, not 36V mode. The recommended indexes for the percentage readout are:

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