All ebikes have a maximum weight limit that must not be exceeded to maintain safety and comfort.


What is included in the total payload capacity?

The total maximum weight limit, often referred to as the payload capacity, encompasses not only the rider's weight but also includes additional factors such as clothing, riding gear, cargo, and any other items carried or towed by the bike. 

To ensure optimal performance, you must not exceed the specified weight limit for your particular ebike model.


Weight capacities for Ride1Up ebikes:

  • 225 lbs: CF Racer 1
  • 300 lbs: Roadster V2, Core-5, 500 Series, Turris, 700 Series, LMT'D, Portola, Prodigy V1, and Prodigy V2
  • 350 lbs: Cafe Cruiser and Rift
  • 360 lbs: Revv 1

Passenger kits and racks each have their own weight capacity: 

See this article, Passenger Kits: Installation and Use, for more information.

The following models are dual-passenger capable.


Portola, Café Cruiser, Rift, and Revv 1 bikes are crafted to accommodate both cargo and dual passenger functionalities. 

The connect+ Passenger kit is compatible with any rack integrated into the connected+ system. However, the models listed above feature a frame-welded rack specifically designed to support heavier loads.


The Ride1Up Passenger Kit will be needed to add passengers to these bikes comfortably and safely. 

The Revv 1 Passenger Kit will be needed to add passengers to the Revv 1 ebike comfortably and safely. 


Please note the above-listed e-bike and passenger kit weight capabilities.

Something to note:

Heavier riders should be aware that additional maintenance may be necessary. Regular checks, such as verifying proper tire pressure and ensuring the secure insertion and tightening of the seat post, are essential before each ride.


For efficient bike operation, it is recommended to promptly address any identified issues or seek assistance from a local bike shop. Neglecting routine maintenance, such as monitoring loose spokes, a worn chain, poorly shifting gears, low tire pressure, or a loose seat, could lead to premature wear, failure, or other complications with the bike's components.


Prior to each ride:

Tire pressure should be checked using a bike air pump at home. The manufacturer's recommended Min-Max PSI can be found on the tire sidewall and in this article: Tire & Tube Sizing.


Additionally, this Electric Bike Safety Check article outlines the key components to monitor for overall maintenance and safety.