All of our bikes are rated for a total weight capacity weight of up to 275lbs. This includes any cargo trailers or child carriers in tow, cargo added to the rear rack, or any weight additions to the rider such as a backpack. In order for the bike to perform efficiently, the total rider and cargo weight must not exceed 275lbs

It is important to be mindful if you are a heavier rider that there will be slightly more maintenance required. It's important to make sure the tire pressure is adequate before each ride, & that the seat post is properly inserted and properly tightened. If you notice an issue, it's best to determine what it is and address it sooner than later, or have your local bike shop resolve it. Ignoring regular maintenance (loose spokes, worn chain, poorly shifting gears, low tire pressure, loose seat, or other)  could result in/ lead to premature wear, failure, or more issues with your bikes components. 

Tire Pressure

The tire pressure should be checked before each ride. Its best to have a floor pump at home to make doing this as easy as it can be. The Min-Max. PSI recommended by the manufacturer can be found on the tire sidewall. 

All Other Maintenance

We outline the important components to keep an eye on in the article here: 

Checking mechanical components