Thanks for your interest in the Ride1Up Ambassador Program

Have a passion for electric bikes and want to spread the joy of clean, fun transportation and earn rewards at the same time? Ride1Up Ambassador program is for you! Whether you're a cycling enthusiast, run a local bike club or want to spread sustainable transportation, you can earn rewards by sharing Ride1Up with your community.  

Here's How it Works: 

  1. Get on the Ambassador Map: This is where potential customers in your community can find and get in touch with you. 

  2. Create your Partner Account: Create your account within the Tune platform, this will give you the ability to create unique tracking links that will earn commission on any referred sales from your test rides

  3. Share Tracking Link: Earn Commissions on every qualified sale you refer through your test rides. 

Ambassador Video Walk-through:

Get on the Ambassador Map: Sign up to “Get On the Map”

Fill out the form using your personal information, models you have available for test rides and any additional information you’d like to share on the map.

Create your Partner Account within Tune Platform:

You can sign up via the following link: Ride1Up Partner Program Sign-Up

Check Your Email

You will have received an email letting you know that "Your Ride1Up account is being reviewed." Please allow 24 hours for your account to be reviewed.

Once your account has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email: "Your Ride1Up account has been activated."

Creating Tracking Links within Tune:

Log into your Ride1Up Partner Account and click on "Offers", then click "All Offers"

Click on 8% Ambassador Program

Access your Unique Tracking Link: Once you click on the offer your tracking link will be available to you. 

You can also shorten the tracking link for ease of access:


To be credited for the bikes you sell from your test rides, the buyer has to use the unique link generated from your account. Once the test ride is complete, it is best practice to email or text your unique link.

Share Tracking Link: 

Once the test-ride is complete, share your tracking link via text or email, it is best practice to keep your tracking link handy within your notes app or by texting it to yourself.

Ride1Up Partner Payout Requirements:

  • You must have a valid PayPal email address to receive your commission payout. 
    Sign up here for your free Paypal Account

  • Commissions are paid out by request at a $500 minimum.

  • Partners may be required to share how their link is being used.

  • Partners are required to provide a W9 and other personal documentation for certain payouts.

Now that you are familiar with ambassador program basics, what is required to join the program, how to earn money, and how to get paid out, you can start sharing your joy for e-biking with your community!

Please reach out to with any questions.