***The LMTD ST & LMTD XR are now featuring a torque sensor***

What is pedal assist?

Pedal assist utilizes sensors that acknowledge your pedaling to provide motor assist. The precentage of powers can be set for each level and you can choose from 3 to 9 separate PAS levels. We recommend trying out the stock settings, but if you want more power or less power, please refer to these display videos to adjust: Core-5 and 500 Series or 700 Series or LMTd

There are two types of pedal assist engagement used with our bikes:

Cadence Sensors

These provide pedal assist on the following models Roadster V2, Core-5, 500 Series, 700 Series, and LMT'd (CS- Cadence sensor version). The level of the assist is based on a percentage of full power and the current going to the motor and as noted above, is completely customizable. You can press the "+" button to enter into PAS 1 or higher, once you push on the pedals, spinning the chain ring forward, the motor will assist you. This mechanism uses magnets to detect motion and is either located next to or inside of the bottom bracket (near your crank arm and pedals).

Torque Sensors

The Prodigy & LMT'D have torque sensors 

The motor output on a torque sensor ebike is directly related to how hard you are pushing on the pedals. If you pedal lightly, it will provide a lower output, if you push hard you will get a much greater output in the given PAS level. The output of the motor is proportional to the force you are putting on the pedals. This feels similar to how a normal bike works and feels more natural which is exactly why many riders love it! The default PAS for the LMT'd (Torque Sensor Version) is 0-3 and most ideal. This combined with how hard you are pedaling (slow, medium, fast) is the equivalent of having 9+ PAS levels.

What is the throttle? Do all of the bikes have a throttle? 

There are throttles on all models except, the Roadster V2 and Prodigy.

The throttle is variable input. Meaning, if you slightly press it using the technique noted before you can hold a number of speeds or a number of Watt output to the motor. While the resolution is not as high for example, as a gas pedal, you can use it to cruise at a number of speeds if you do not want to pedal. Using the throttle is pretty straight forward. If you keep your thumb touching the round part of the throttle as you apply the throttle, it will be more stable and you will have better control over how much throttle you apply.

If your thumb is only touching the lever of the throttle, it may be a little more jumpy or jerky depending on how precise you are.

The throttle is setup to apply power at any time, from a stand still, or while pedaling. It will apply a boost of power if in a lower pedal assist setting and it will apply power all the way to 28mph if you are pedaling at the same time. IF you are not pedaling, the motor will stop assisting at 20mph.