Electric bikes are separated into "Classes" depending on the speed and power capabilities of the bike. Ride1Up makes bikes that fall into Class 2 or 3. 

Certain models are switchable between Class 2 and Class 3, but the remaining models are Class 3 only. Most models, however, do have fully adjustable PAS settings allowing the rider to limit the power output should they choose to do so. 

Class 2

Ride1Up currently ships two models as Class 2 bikes. A Class 2 eBike is a bike that can be assisted by the electric motor up to 20mph using either pedal assist or the throttle. Both of these models can be switched to Class 3 for those who wish to do so. Additionally, the REVV 1 has an optional OFF-ROAD mode for use on private property. Both of these bikes are shipped with "Class 2" decals applied. Bikes in Class 2 mode can be ridden faster than 20mph, but assistance from the motor will stop once this limit is reached. 

Class 2 Models

Class 3

Our remaining models are shipped as Class 3 bikes. A Class 3 eBike can be assisted by the electric motor up to 28mph using pedal assist, the throttle is limited to 20mph like a Class 2 bike. Our Class 3 models are not able to be switched into Class 2 mode, however, it is of course, possible to ride them within the confines of a Class 2 bike by not using the pedal assist to exceed 20mph. Additionally, the pedal assist levels are fully customizable and it is possible to limit the amount of assistance the motor will provide. 

Class 3 Models

*The Roadster v2 and the Gravel Roadster v2 have a max assisted speed of approximately 24mph and do not have customizable PAS levels.