Thank you for being a Ride1Up affiliate! 


This article will show you where to register, how to log in and access your portal, how to locate or generate your affiliate link, how to effectively share your link with your community, and how to get paid out.

Where to register:

If you have not already applied to become an affiliate, you can learn more and register here. 

Log in and access your portal: 

Click this Link and use the credentials provided in your affiliate acceptance email. 

Alternatively, navigate to and scroll to the bottom of the homepage, click on "AFFILIATES" in the bottom left corner and then click "Control Panel"

Locate your affiliate link:

Once logged in, click on the "Creatives" tab in your portal. 

The link circled in red below is an example of an affiliate link that will contain your unique ID number. Share this link with your new friends, this will direct them to the Ride1UP homepage. 

Generate an affiliate link for a specific Ride1UP product: 

Paste the URL for the product you would like to advertise in the "Referral URL Generator" box and then click "Generate Referral URL"

A unique link containing the product name will generate for the desired product as pictured below:

Share your link with your community:

Share as a link with your new friends via text, email, or as a QR code. 

Save this link on your phone or print it on a business card. 

QR Codes are great ways to share your affiliate link and look like the example below. 

Enter your affiliate link in the specified area and generate your unique QR code here:

Qr Code Generator

Unfamiliar with the convenience of QR codes and how they work? Learn more about How to Use QR Codes

Save your QR link as a photo on your phone and share it with anyone that compliments your bike as you are riding around town. It's a great way to easily share your enthusiasm for your bike and be rewarded as well! 

How to get paid out:

Don't miss out on commissions! 

We cannot adjust commissions manually or pay commissions for referrals/purchases prior to the creation of your affiliate account. 

The customer must follow the link and complete the purchase using the same internet browser.  

Explain this to your new two-wheeled friend to ensure your commission is accrued to your account.

All purchases using your link are assigned to your account within 30 days

Commissions are paid via Paypal on a monthly basis, at a $250 minimum upon request.

If this is your first payout, a completed W9 form must be submitted along with your payout request.

Find the form attached below:

Direct your inquiry to "sales" via the  CONTACT FORM with your affiliate link, completed W9, and your registered PayPal email to expedite payment. Thank you!