Learn more about the updated Ride1Up Partner Program


What does this mean?

  1. We are unable to support our prior platform.  Any referral commissions after 3/31 are not payable within the terms and conditions of our program.

  2. Payouts through 3/31 will be supported upon request.

  3. This has been extended from the original date (3/19) provided in our prior communications to give additional time for our partners to make the transition.

To receive payment, follow the steps below:

  • For payments: email partners@ride1up.com

  • Subject Line: “Prior Affiliate Balance Payment Request - [Affiliate #]”
  • Contents: Updated PayPal email account and completed W-9, if not already provided.

Interested in continuing a partnership?

Find sign-up info below:

Additional Details And Program Basics

If you have questions, please reply directly to partners@ride1up.com with the requested information.

Commissions are paid via Paypal by request at a $500 minimum balance.

If this is your first payout, a completed W9 form must be submitted along with your payout request.

Find the W-9 form attached below: