Error 24 is most commonly resolved by checking the 9-pin motor cable connection at the chain stay of your bike. If it is loose, this error will appear on your display. Ensure it is properly aligned, and fully seated (see picture below).

At this time, please reset your display to the factory defaults: 500 Series, Cafe Cruiser, & Core-5 or 700 Series & LMT'd. On occasion, this will resolve the issue, it is best to make sure everything is reset to defaults when you begin troubleshooting.

If that does not resolve it, we want to inspect further. This error can be caused by an issue with the following items. 

Please share pictures of:

  • 9-pin motor cable - This may be damaged in these areas (circled and labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the picture below):
    • As it exits the rear axle on the right.
    • At the connection point on the right chain stay
    • Where it passes the rear wheel
    • Where it passes the chain ring.
    • Where it enters the frame
    • Where it connects to the internal controller.
  • The internal controller - This is the circuit board located in the frame of your bike with multiple wiring connections. It is in a sealed aluminum box for safety.
  • The motor stator -  This is the internals of the motor and also the length of wire that exits the rear wheel axle and connects to the 9-pin motor cable at the chain stay.
  • In rare instances, a replacement internal controller, motor cable, or motor stator may be required.

If these steps above do not resolve the error, we can consider advanced troubleshooting if you have 2 ebikes with the same motor connection and same voltage. 

Primarily testing:

  • The motor of bike A with the display, controller, battery, and wiring of bike B. 
  • Then testing the motor of bike B with the display, controller, battery, and wiring of Bike A.
    Please submit pictures and answer the questions below for the fastest solution:

If that is not an option, please answer the question below and share clear inspection pictures. We may notice something an experienced bike mechanic or Ride1UP owner misses.

  1. Is this an intermittent error? Did the error appear, but the bike began working again, and then the error came up multiple times after?
  2. Did anything happen that might be related? Recent flat tire, or installing new tires?
  3. Has the bike fallen over or crashed?
  4. Did the motor cable get caught on anything while riding, storing, or transporting the bike?
  5. Did this error appear during or after riding steep hills?
  6. What is the current limit set to if you turn your bike on in PAS 0 and check? 500 Series, Cafe Cruiser, and Core-5 Display  or 700 Series and LMT'D Display 

Please share pictures of the cable in the zones labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The red arrow highlights a "-" that indicates the wire is fully seated when the connector on the right is next to it.
The black arrows (white on some cables) indicate it is properly aligned. 

Please share a picture of yours.

Please carefully disconnect the motor cable. This will allow you to properly inspect this connection and all sides of the wire as it exits the rear axle.  

Depending on how the damage happened, it may be cut in a different location from what is shown below. The picture below on the right is an example of a wire that has been cut due to neglect while changing a flat and removing the rear wheel  

Please share pictures of this area with the rubber cover removed. 

This picture shows the area where the 9-pin motor cable passes the rear tire and chain ring. In this case, it was damaged by the tire because the zip tie routing the wire safely was accidentally removed and not replaced:

Please share pictures of this area:

For the 500 Series, Cafe Cruiser, and 700 Series:

The issue could also be the connection from the motor cable to the internal controller. You can access it by following this guide for all 700 Series: 700 Controller Access. For the 500 ST frame, please refer to this guide: Accessing 500 ST Internal Controller. For the 500 XR, please see this guide Replacing Your Internal Controller.

These wires shown here connecting to the internal controller may be loose or damaged. Please provide a picture of them (500 Series, Cafe Cruiser, and 700 Series only): The example on the right has gotten too hot and melted the protective cover.