Note the passenger kit and its components are only to be used with our Cafe Cruiser and Rift models and will

not fit other bikes. Please only carry passengers that will not exceed the overall weight capacity for your model and are capable of safely riding as a passenger.

Tools required

  • 13mm open end wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver

Open and separate all the components before installing

Step 1

Start by sliding a large washer onto the M8x35mm bolt and insert it into the rear chainstay of your ebike

from the inside. Carefully thread the bolt into the foot peg paying attention to how the foot peg folds. When

secured the foot peg should only be able to fold up, not down or to the side. Securely tighten the bolt

with the 13mm wrench. Repeat for the other side. 

Step 2

Slide a small washer onto each of the M5x15mm bolts and set them aside for now. Remove the protective

film off each side of one of the Wheel Covers and place it against the rear frame of your ebike and carefully start each

screw with washer into the 5 holes/slots in the Wheel Cover (orange circles below). Once all 5 screws have been started carefully

Step 3

Tighten up all of the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Please be mindful not to over tighten the bolts

as this can crack the side panels. Repeat for the other side. Both panels are the same and will fit either


Step 4

The seat installs using our Connect+ mounting system. Rest the seat in place with the slanted end facing

the front of your ebike and the back end of the latch in the square section of your bikes rack, pull the pin on the latch (red circle below) backwards to retract the latch and press the seat down into place. The pin should slide back forward when properly secured. Do not force the latch. 

Please make checking the Passenger Kit hardware a part of your routine bike maintenance.

Find a buddy and go for a ride!