The Revv1 ships directly to your door programmed as a class 2 electric bike out of the box. The "Multi-Class Speed System” allows you to switch between different speed classes right on the display. Below are the different classes and their capabilities:

Revv 1 Class System Options:

  • Class 2 - Up to 20mph on pedal assist and throttle (out of the box, pedelec)

  • Class 3 - Up to 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph on throttle

  • Off-Road - 28+ mph on pedal assist and throttle (for private street & property only)

For e-bike and riding safety suggestions, please review your Digital Owner’s Manual.

Unlocking Multi-Class Speed System (Off-Road Mode)

1. Complete Waiver:

Rider safety is our top priority. In order to get instructions and passcodes to unlock the Revv 1, owners must submit a completed waiver. This ensures owners fully understand the operational workings, warnings, and risks involved with unlocking the Revv 1.

IMPORTANT: Enter the same email you used to purchase the Revv 1 in the waiver form.

Revv 1 Multi-Class Speed System Waiver

2. Receive Instructions:

A support representative will verify your completed waiver and purchase, and send you instructions and codes to unlock your Revv 1. Support reps will typically respond within 1 business day. If you have not heard back after 1 business day, please reach out to customer support.

3. Have Fun & Ride Responsibly:

As with any other electric bike, be sure to ALWAYS wear a helmet and other safety gear, follow your local rules and regulations, and finally have fun! We are excited for you to experience the Revv 1 in all its glory and thrill. Safe riding!