The Revv 1 ships directly to your door pre-programmed as a class 2 electric bike out of the box. 

The "Multi-Class Speed System” lets you switch between different speed classes on the bike’s display. 


Revv 1 Class System Options

  • Class 2: Up to 20mph on pedal assist and throttle 
  • Class 3: Up to 28 mph on pedal assist and up to 20 mph on throttle
  • Off-Road: 28+ mph on pedal assist and throttle (for use on private streets & property only)


Switching between these different modes is detailed on page 15 of the Revv 1 Display Manual.



Boost Mode


On the Revv 1 DRT & FS models, if the Boost feature is available, it can be accessed only while in Off-Road mode. 

The boost feature is activated by pressing and holding the "-" button and is indicated by a lightning bolt on the display. This boost feature increases the controller's amperage from 28 amps to 35 amps, resulting in an enhanced acceleration rate, hill climbing ability, and a slight top speed increase. 


Note: Boost mode is only available on Revv 1 FS bikes sold after August of 2023. 

It is currently not possible to upgrade to Boost Mode from a non-Boost Mode Revv 1 FS bike.


Using Class 3, Off-Road, and Boost options on the Revv 1 bike will significantly reduce the range on a single charge, going below the estimated range of 30-60 miles. The actual range will vary depending on factors such as total weight, terrain, throttle usage, and more. For more information on bike range expectations, refer to this article, Bike Range and Range Testing.




Unlocking Multi-Class Speed System (Class 3 & Off-Road Mode)


1. Complete Waiver: Revv 1 Multi-Class Speed System Waiver 


Our top priority is the safety of our riders. To receive instructions and passcodes for unlocking the Revv 1, owners are required to submit a completed waiver. This ensures that owners fully understand the operation, warnings, and risks involved with unlocking the Revv 1 Off-Road Mode. 


When filling out the Waiver form, it is important to enter the same email you used to purchase the Revv 1 and to use the correct order number in the waiver form.


Did you purchase from a dealer, 2nd hand, or receive as a gift? 

If so, complete the waiver, entering “Second Hand” into the order number field. Then, reach out to Ride1Up support via the Contact Us form with an ID attachment that matches your waiver info.


2. Receive Instructions:


A support representative will verify your completed waiver and purchase. They will then send you instructions and codes to unlock your Revv 1. Support reps will typically respond within 1 to 3 business days. If you have not heard back after 3 business days, please reach out to customer support via the Contact Us form.


3. Have Fun & Ride Responsibly:


As with any other electric bike, it is crucial ALWAYS to wear a helmet and other safety gear. Additionally, please follow your local rules and regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Finally, have fun! We are thrilled for you to experience the Revv 1 in all its glory and excitement. Ride safely!


For e-bike and riding safety suggestions, please review your Revv 1 Digital Owner’s Manual.