Congratulations! You're ready to order a Ride1Up ebike. Whether this is your 1st or 5th ebike, we will lay out every step of the way so that there are no surprises at any point in time. We understand this is a big purchase and because 99% of our customers order their bike from us without seeing it in person beforehand, we want to make sure every topic is covered.


Before Ordering

Be confident in the frame variation, color, and accessories you're ordering. If you have any questions to help narrow down what bike is right for you, give us a call or send an email and an agent would be more than happy to help you. 100% of our fulfillment process is automated, therefore orders are processed and shipped very quickly: 1-2 business days for FedEx-delivered bikes and 2-3 business days for LTL-delivered bikes. An order cannot be modified once the order ships. See Order Cancellations for more information. 

Benefits of Ordering with Ride1Up

  • Ultra accessible price point
  • Unbeatable quality-to-price ratio
  • Better components than any similarly priced bike
  • Ebikes are conveniently delivered to your door 85-95% assembled
  • Knowledgeable US-based customer support via phone and email
  • Digital library of resources for assembly, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting tips
  • Replacement parts shipped directly to you

Is a Mechanic Required?

A mechanic is not required! Our bikes are delivered mostly assembled (85-95% depending on the model) and designed to be simple enough for anyone to be able to put together themselves, regardless of their mechanical experience. We provide helpful step-by-step video tutorials on how to properly assemble your ebike.

If you do need additional assistance, we employ an expert US-based technical team that can guide you through any questions or concerns when putting your ebike together.

Additionally, it is important to note that issues arising from improper assembly are not covered under the warranty. If you are hesitant to work with the resources provided or are new to the world of cycling, it is recommended to find a trustworthy, local mechanic to help assemble and maintain your bike over the years. We can help you find a local mechanic that can assist you.

While the bike is Enroute

Get ready! Be sure to closely monitor tracking information that's sent to you via email. Be vigilant and regularly check the delivery timeline, as carriers sometimes assign a delivery date and then change it in transit due to factors that either slow or expedite delivery to your door. If your bike is arriving LTL, the carrier will reach out to you to select a delivery appointment on a specific date in a 4-6 hour block of time. 

Upon Delivery

Every bike we ship, whether arriving via FedEx or LTL, requires a signature. Please be sure you or a family member/friend/neighbor is available to sign for the package. If the box looks to have any damage, please do not reject it, otherwise you will get billed return freight charges. Take pictures of the box before opening it, and document any damage to the bike and/or components so they can be emailed to support. We will take care of you! Also please be aware that while a box might look to be in rough shape, the bike inside is very likely untouched due to the way it is packed. While we do occasionally see transit related damage, it is a very small percentage of delivered bikes.


Be sure to watch the assembly video for your bike. These are located on every product page under the 'Assembly & Support' tab. This link will take you to a list of all our models' assembly guides: Assembly Instructions by Model If you are missing a part or have any questions please reach out and our agents will help.

Post Purchase

We are here for you! We are not in business to sell you a bike and then say goodbye. We have an expansive library of articles related to both maintaining your bike and troubleshooting it in the event any problems arise. 

Order Cancellations

New Orders

If a new order is caught before processing/being picked at the warehouse it can be canceled for a refund minus a 3% payment processing fee - this is money that our payment processor charges at the point of sale and we do not recoup it when a customer changes their mind.

Processing Orders

Once an order goes into processing status, it can be anywhere from a warehouse member picking it from the shelf to being loaded on a FedEx trailer. Once you reach out to support we will send a cancellation request - this is not a  guarantee that the order will be stopped from shipping. Unfortunately, if your bike is loaded ahead of 50 other bikes on a trailer, our warehouse staff do not unload the trailer to pull yours off. 

Shipped Orders

As soon as your order ships and you would like to cancel it for a refund, a $250-$350 restocking fee will be withheld from your refund. This fee is to cover return freight charged to us by the carrier as well as pay our warehouse staff to re-shelf the product. If you are canceling because you mistakenly ordered and wish for a different bike, color, or frame variation, we will be more than happy negotiate this fee so that we can get you on a bike. At the end of the day, we want as many customers riding Ride1Up bikes and we are not in business to profit off of cancellations.